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Building New Items and Services from Backups

Have you ever accidentally deleted an item in ArcGIS Online? We know the feeling of helplessness. In ArcGIS Online, there is no way to recover an item after it has been deleted. Luckily, Snapshots is here to help.

With Snapshots, you can build new items that are identical to any previous snapshot you have captured. Even if the original item in ArcGIS Online has been deleted, your snapshot contains all of the instructions necessary to build a brand new clone. It's magic! This capability can be accomplished with web maps, web applications, and even hosted feature services.

From the snapshots main page, you can select for the item you want to clone into a new item.

On the specific item snapshot page, you will see the button. After you click on this item, Snapshots will publish a brand new item to your ArcGIS Online account that is identical to your snapshot. This new clone and any previous clone will show up as links on your snapshot page.

Clone snapshot to new item