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Backing Up Hosted Feature Services

You can create backups of your ArcGIS Online hosted feature services just like you can with your web maps and apps.

To get started, go the Feature Servies link in the top navigation bar and click on the button for the item you want back up. Creating a snapshot for Feature Services will download a file geodatabase of the content that you can access later.

Feature Services link

Your snapshot will need a title and message that you can use to describe what you are backing up. Take a look at the example below.

Create a snapshot form

After submitting your snapshot, you will be directed to the primary snapshots page that shows all of your previous snapshots. Because exporting the hosted feature service to a file geodatabase takes time, you will see a loading button until the item has been successfully created. As soon as the item is available, you will see the action button.

Congratulations! You now have a backup of your service that you can refer to later. On the snapshot page for your item, you can even download the file geodatabase to your computer to store locally.

feature service snapshot page