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Restoring a ArcGIS Item to a Previous Backup

One of the most important features of Snapshots is the ability to restore an item in ArcGIS Online back to a previous snapshot. As you make changes to ArcGIS Online items, you can make new snapshots and revert to them at any time. This concept introduces a form of version control to your ArcGIS Online workflow.

To get started, you will need to have created one or more snapshots of an ArcGIS Online item (how to create a snapshot). If you've made changes since your last snapshot, you may want to create a brand new snapshot so you can revert back to your current state if needed.

Any items that have been backed up with a snapshot will have a action button next to it.

restore from snapshots button

After clicking , you will see all of the snapshots you have created for your web map or web application. From this page, you can restore your item to any previous state captured in a snapshot. For example, the screenshot below shows how you can restore an application built with Esri Web AppBuilder to different snapshots that contained different themes that were applied at the time of the snapshot.

restore to previous versions