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Backing Up Web Maps and Apps

One of the primary goals of Snapshots is to help you create secure backups of your ArcGIS Online content. These backups are referred to as snapshots and contain all the information about your item at a specific point in time. You can use a snapshot to rebuild an item if has been deleted or rewind a current item to previous snapshot.

After logging into Snapshots, you can browse the maps and apps that you own in ArcGIS Online through the Maps and Apps links at the top of the page.

maps view

To create a snapshot of any existing web map or web app, click the button. This will take you to the snapshots page where you will be required to a title and message. This information will be helpful later, so please be as descriptive as possible!

creating a new snapshot

After creating your new snapshot, you should receive a success message. You can view all of your previous snapshots on the Snapshot page.

showing snapshot success message