Presentation Given at Esri GeoDev Meetup

What is Snapshots?

Snapshots is a utility for backing up and restoring your content in ArcGIS Online. It is maintained by CartoLab and is available for free to the geospatial community.

Snapshots adds the following capabilities to your content in ArcGIS Online:

  1. Create Backups: Backups of your ArcGIS Online items are referred to as Snapshots. They contain all the information necessary to recreate or restore an item. Snapshots are stored in a database.
  2. Clone Backups: Cloning refers to the ability to build a new ArcGIS item that is identical to a previous backup. New items can be generated even if the original ArcGIS Online has been removed.
  3. Restore from Backups: Much like version control, you can use Snapshots to restore items in ArcGIS Online to a previous backup. It's like a time machine for ArcGIS Online!
The table below outlines what capabilities are avaialable for different ArcGIS Online item types:

Web Maps Web Apps Hosted Feature Services
Create Backups yes yes yes
Clone Backups yes yes yes
Restore from Backups yes yes no

Is Snapshots secure?

Yes, Snapshots is a secure platform that uses the strong security practices of OAuth 2.0 in ArcGIS Online.

When you log into Snapshots, you are doing so with your ArcGIS Online named user credentials. Snapshots does not have access to your original account credentials, but we do use a generated access token in order to interact with your content.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding security.

Where do you store my backed up content?

When you backup your content with Snapshots, there are two primary components that are saved:

The first component consists of JSON files that define your item. These files contain the critical instructions that allow us to recreate or restore your item when you need it. These JSON files are replicated in our database and generally do not contain any actual data.

The second component is the actual data and files associated with your item. All of this data is backed up directly to your ArcGIS Online account and is not stored in our environment. For example, when you back up a hosted feature service, we store the exported file geodatabase in your account. All files are stored in a folder named snapshots-backups in your ArcGIS Online content.

Snapshots by Cartolab is dedicated to providing free tools for your ArcGIS Online backup and version control needs. We also care deeply about your privacy and security concerns. By using your existing ArcGIS Online account for storage of your backups, we're able to keep costs low while ensuring your content is secure.

I see Snapshots is in Beta, what does that mean?

This is a Beta release, which means it is undergoing testing and is not officially released. It is, however, fully functional and can be used by the community for testing and feedback. We welcome your input and would love to hear what you think.

Can I have a dedicated deployment of Snapshots for my organization?

Yes! Please contact us about options and we would love to help you setup a dedicated deployment of Snapshots for your organization.